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Knowing everything beforehand can help you make the right decision for you so we’ve provided our onboarding guide so you know what to expect.

Our Process

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Services Agreed, Letter of Engagement & Contract Sent:

Once the service is decided we will send an electronic Service Agreement Contract to be signed together with a Letter of Engagement explaining the requirements needed for Client Due Diligence and Anti-Money Laundering.

Invoice Sent & Payment:

We send invoices promptly and invoices need to be paid in advance of work commencing. 


  • Chart of Accounts Review - Custom coding to suit your business and reporting needs
  • Contacts Updated - No more duplicated contacts and mismatched payments
  • Reminders - no unexpected brown envelopes from HMRC
  • Paperwork attached to transactions - it is a legal requirement to keep copies of financial paperwork
  • Board Meeting Reports - present accurate and clean data to your Board