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You run the business.
We’ll take care of the bookkeeping.

Hi, we’re Right Click Bookkeeping – the bookkeeping service you’ve been searching for. We know what it’s like to run a growing business, and how tough it can be to balance the books while you’re wearing a hundred different hats.

That’s why we created a bookkeeping service that gives you less to worry about, and more time to focus on your company’s growth.

How Our Virtual Bookkeeping Service Works

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    Bookkeeping Software

    We’ll provide you with receipt tracking software, set everything up, and invite you in.

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    Digital Paperwork

    Send us your purchase invoices and receipts – by email or as a photo, directly to your company's profile.

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    We process and code accurately for your accounts and VAT.

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    We reconcile everything in Xero.

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    Missing Items

    We’ll contact you with updates and ask for any missing items regularly.

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    Full Transparency

    You'll have 24/7 access to your accounts. We’ll create customised reports, so you and the Board can see your finances clearly.

Finding the right bookkeeping service is hard. Let’s make it easy.

If you run a small or medium-sized business, we understand how it is. There’s so much to juggle – and bookkeeping is probably the last thing on your mind.

Until the last minute, that is.

But even just finding a bookkeeping service that aligns with your values and way of working seems like an impossible task. Out of countless online bookkeeping services, how do you know which one’s any good?

So much choice. So much noise. So many optional extras and opaque pricing policies.

We know that growing your business comes first. But you need to protect it, too. Without keeping track of what’s coming in and going out, you’ll soon find yourself going deeper and deeper into the unknown with your finances.

Right Click Bookkeeping will change all of that for you.

We offer clear pricing, personal expertise – and a fully secure, reliable virtual bookkeeping service. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need to be, so you can focus on what’s important at any given time.

If you’ve had enough of fumbling through spreadsheets and paperwork at the last minute, choose a monthly plan that fits your company – and never worry about your bookkeeping again.

We’re a Xero
Certified Partner

We’re a Xero Certified Bookkeeper and Silver Champion Partner.

Xero Silver Champion Partner Logos

Outsourced Bookkeeping You Can Trust

We’re one of a handful of outsourced bookkeeping services, based just outside Cardiff, with certified Xero partner status. We’re also a Starling Bank partner, and a Capsule CRM partner.

Right Click Bookkeeping is trusted by some of the biggest names in business finance to carry their badges.

Your business’s security, resilience, and confidentiality are our number one priority. That’s why our online bookkeeping services run on cyber safe, password secure platforms. Your accounts are only accessible to trusted parties, with your explicit permission.

With Right Click’s outsourced virtual bookkeeping, you’ll get:

It’s Online Bookkeeping – with a Personal Touch

Ready for better bookkeeping? Talk to our friendly, experienced team, and find out how easy it can be.

What they say

"Alexis has been a massive help to my business and saved me a huge amount of time. Alexis is a pleasure to work with."

Bryan Hatton

Managing Director, LetterBox Labs

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"Alexis provides an invaluable benefit to any business owner, but especially startups, taking the headache out of accounts and bookkeeping."

Nathan Vidini

Founder and Director, AltraLaw

"I am a relatively new client but in such a short space of time Alexis and her team have changed my life and free'd me up so I have a much better work/life balance already. Alexis has gone above and beyond to help me even out of hours etc and I will be eternally garteful for her knowledge, expertise and the friendship we are building. I'm so glad I found you :-)"


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