If you’re a Director of a Limited Company, you would have received a letter congratulating you and outlining your new responsibilities. A CS01 is a part of those responsibilities, so we wanted to provide some information on what CS01 really is.

So what is CS01?

A Confirmation Statement from the Directors of the Company. This is to confirm or change the details held at Companies House about the company.

How often do I need to submit CS01?

Every year. There’s a £13.00 charge.

Where do I submit CS01?

Companies House.

Why do I need to submit CS01?

As a Director of the Company, you declare the details held at Companies House are correct.

How do I submit CS01?

Direct with Companies House via Webfiling.

What do I need to submit CS01?

Company Authentication code. You will get a letter each year with instructions to remind you also.

Find out more information on the government site here.

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